​     2016 FA Mars Just Play Legacy Award winners

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1 The League will Consist of all teams registered and players must be over the age of 50 years before the first game of the season, except for goalkeepers. Photographic Proof of age will be required if there are any question. (any goalkeepers registered as Under Age will not be able to play out of goal at any stage of the league)


1 The league is based on invited teams to play in organised friendly cup competitions and a monthly League competition.

2 The Organiser is Mr Steve Hill of Blue Flames, assisted by Ian Hutchinson (Treasurer) and other members of the Blue Flames Walking Football Club. All decisions will be decided by them together with selected Team Personnel if there are any disputes

3 Games will be played at either Blue Flames Indoor Complex and The Parks (outdoor) or any other appropriate venue made available to the Organiser.

4 A charge of £35 per session / month is to be paid by all individual teams at notification /registration of squads prior to games

5 Players cannot register for another team in the current League season


1 Teams will consist of 5 outfield players and a goalkeeper

2 Additional players meeting the above criteria of can re registered at any stage in the season except the last league games except in extenuating circumstances

3 Up to 2 substitutes may be used as running substitutes throughout the game
(I.e. a player being substituted can return at a later time in the game)
4 All substitutions will be controlled through the referee 5 Players in Teams are to wear the same colour tops/ bibs and the goalkeepers to wear a colour not clashing with their own team and their opponents.

The Game

1.The game will be played for 20 minutes as timed by the referee or referees assistant
2 KO times are to be adhered to - no games will be rearranged, a team that is short of players must take the field or be in default and the game awarded as a 3 - 0 victory to their opponents

The Referee / Rules

1 The Referee will wear a jersey to distinguish themselves from the players on the field and will be respected throughout and after the game.

2 Games to be played in accordance with the Walking Football Rules 2019
3 The games will last for 20 minutes no change over half time, Ends of play will be decided by the toss of a coin if required
4 Any issues of High ball will be controlled by the height of the cross bar at the location and at the referees discretion - there will be no heading of the ball at any time.

5 At the Blue Flames Complex - The game will restart with the award of a corner if the defending team play the ball past the goal line outside of the goal, except if the goalkeeper plays the ball high and wide in the act of making a save.

6 If the ball goes above the wooden barriers - play will restart with an indirect free kick at the position the ball went over.

7  If in the act of making a save the ball goes above the high ball level and returns into play, the ball will be returned to the goal keeper for the game to restart. Any deliberate flicking of the ball high will be treat as Ungentlemanly Conduct and an indirect free kick will be awarded 3metres outside of the box awarded. Persistent misconduct can result in the referee Sin-Binning or sending he player from the field of play.
8 The referee will be the solely responsible of the decision to sin bin (for 2 minutes) players for consistent running or consistent foul play, a second offence resulting in a the player being "sin binned" within the game will result in the player being sent from the field of play for the remainder of the game. 

9 Any player receiving a second caution for on field activities will be sent from the field of play
10 Any player sent from the field of play will not be allowed to play in the next game. if a player is sent from the field for Gross Misconduct he will be banned for a period as defined by the organiser.

11 The act of a goalkeeper deliberately delivering a ball high out of his area will result in the award of an indirect free kick 3 metres outside of the goal area.

Issues Any issues or suggestions must be given to the organisers, preferably in writing, who will amend/add to these rules if appropriate.

Cup Competition dated Sunday 20th October 2018 at The Parks. North Shields

NB draw for groups to be made after all teams are registered on 20th October 2019

Teams                                  DRAW                                        Group 1                                      League gp1
1 Hadrian Team                                                                                                             Team                  W  D  L  F  A  GD  Pts
2 Foxhumters                                                                    Draw A v Draw D                 1
3 Amble                                                                              Draw G v Draw A                 2
4 Blue Flames 1                                                                 Draw G v Draw D                3
5 Blue Flames 2
6 Blue Flames 3                                                                    Group 2                                          League gp2
7 Sunderland A                                                                                                             Team                    W  D  L  F  A   GD Pts
8 Sunderland B                                                                 Draw B v Draw E                1
9 Peterlee                                                                          Draw H v Draw B                2
                                                                                           Draw H v Draw E                3

                                                                                                  Group 3                                        league gp3
                                                                                                                                       Team                 W  D  L  F  A  GD  Pts
                                                                                           Draw C v Draw F               1
                                                                                           Draw I v Draw C                2
                                                                                           Draw F v Draw I                3
Semi Final
A   Winners GP1 v Winners Gp2                                NB Best 2nd Place Team based on points then goal difference
B   Winners Gp3 v Best 2nd Place                
Losing Semi Finalist   Blue Flames Rangers & Foxhunters

Final                                               A     v B      
Winners Peterlee      R/Up  Blueflames Rovers

Sunday 17th November 2019 At Blue Flames                  

Court 1                                                                   Court 2
10:30 Sunderland A v Sunderland B                      10:30 Foxhunters v Blueflame   2
10:55 Blueflame 1 v Ashington                               10:55 Peterlee v Amble

11:20 Hadrian v Foxhunters                                    11:20 Sunderland A v Blueflame 3
11:45 Blueflame 2 v Peterlee                                  11:45 Sunderland B v Blueflame 1
12:10 Amble v Blueflame 3                                     12:10 Ashington v Hadrian

Sunday 11th January 2020 At BlueFlames

Court 1                                                                    Court 2
10:30 Blueflame 2 v Ashington                               10:30 Sunderland A v Peterlee

10:55 Amble v Foxhunters                                      10:55 Hadrian v Blueflame 1
11:20 Blueflame 3 v Peterlee                                  11:20 Sunderland B v Blueflame 2
11:45 Blueflame 1 v Sunderland A                          11:45 Ashington v Amble

12:10 Foxhunters v Blueflame 3                             12:10 Hadrian v Sunderland B

Sunday 23rd February 2020 At BlueFlames

Court 1                                                                   Court 2
10:30 Foxhunters v Ashington                              10:30 Peterlee v Sunderland B
10:55 Blueflame 1 v Blueflame 2                          10:55 Hadrian v Sunderland A
11:20 Amble v Sunderland B                                 11:20 Blueflame 3 v Ashington
11:45 Peterlee v Foxhunters                                 11:45 Blueflame 2 v Sunderland A
12:10 Amble v Hadrian                                          12:10 Blueflame 3 v Blueflame 1

unday 22 March 2020 At The Parks

Court 1                                                                  Court 2
10:30 Sunderland A v Foxhunters                       10:30 Blueflame 2 v Amble

10:55 Hadrian v Blueflame 3                                10:55 Ashington v Peterlee

11:20 Sunderland B v Foxhunters                       11:20 Blueflame 1 v Amble

11:45 Sunderland A v Ashington                         11:45 Hadrian v Blueflame 2
12:10 Blueflame 1 v Peterlee                               12:10 Sunderland B v Blueflame 3

Sunday 19th April 2020 At The Parks

Court 1                                                                  Court2
10:30 Foxhunters v Blueflame 1                          10:30 Ashington v Sunderland B
10:55 Amble v Sunderland B                               10:55 Blueflame 3 v Blueflame 2
11:20 Peterlee v Hadrian                                     
11:20 Sunderland B v Blueflame 1
11:55 Amble v Foxhunters                                   11:55 Peterlee v Blueflame 3
12:20 Sunderland B v Hadrian                            12:20 Ashington v Blueflame 2

NB Games highlighted are friendlies as league is completed after the 11:20 Peterlee v Hadrian game